Nancy Chinchar (owner)

After receiving a promotion at a job with which she was thoroughly disappointed, Nancy Chinchar made two lists — "likes" and "ways to make a living around the likes." The options she liked best involved her love for the dog she had just adopted. So, she enrolled at Nash Academy of Animal Arts and trained under Joey Villani (of Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It") and his team. After gaining experience throughout NYC and Brooklyn, she opened Downtown Doghouse in 2003.  Nancy has been featured in the New York Post and the New York Daily News and has appeared on Anderson Live! 


William (stylist) is an experienced competitor, having handled many Best in Show and group placements at AKC conformation shows. He won Best in Show at Pittsburgh Pet Expo with Palin, an American Cocker,  when he was just 18 years old. It was his first ever competition! Like Nancy, William completed the Nash Academy traditional program, but he additionally completed their instructor internship. William holds the 2018 IJA Title of Best in Show Individual Competitor with Multiple Coat Types.


Chris (stylist) has been grooming since 2011. He has groomed a number of winners for show. His specialty is Kerry Blue Terriers and he can be seen here with his show Kerry, Monet. His scissor work on Bedlingtons, Poodles, and Doodles can be seen all over Instagram because he is the requested stylist for quite a few celebrity pets. He is also studying Art Education at Pratt.


Mie (stylist) is pictured here with Jagger de Neboade Meigas, who she groomed the day before he was shown at Westminster 2019! Mie groomed in Brooklyn for many years before we were lucky enough to have her walk through our doors. Mie is known for her patience and calmness with even the most reluctant patients. She wins over every dog that walks through the door. And makes them look their absolute best!


Tatiana (stylist) Technically, Tatiana doesn’t work here.  She says they say that if you find a job that you love, you will never have to work a day in your life -- Tatiana says she did it! She groomed her first dog 8 years ago and since then she has been the happiest person in the world! She’s looking forward to sharing some of that excitement with the pups of Downtown Doghouse.


Jojo (stylist) has been grooming for over 25 years. You may remember her from when Downtown Doghouse was on 18th Street! JoJo has owned multiple shops and has certificates for her veterinary technician and small animal grooming studies. She is also a seasoned competitive groomer, with wins in the GroomOlympics. Ask her to paint a portrait of your dog.

Barbara (bather) began bathing dogs years ago, after mentoring with our own Tatiana. Now she is one of the most talented and knowledgeable bathers in NYC.


Paola (bather) Downtown Doghouse is thrilled to have Paola back from maternity leave! After leaving her life in Brazil as a nurse, Paula trained under our own stylist extraordinaire, Tatiana, here in the US. She's been working with our pups on and off ever since. (We're so happy she's back on!)


Danielle (manager) Danielle is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel fan who joined Downtown Doghouse during a career change. When she’s not at the front desk, she can be found walking her dog, Frankie, throughout Chelsea or studying for a degree in Narrative Medicine.


Gigi (Manager) Gigi, a Chelsea resident for over 40 years, comes from a family of show Doberman Pinscher breeders. She’s an avid animal lover who currently shares her home with her two human kids, Suzie the rescue dog, and a rotation of kittens she fosters for the NYACC. Ask her to make you or your pup a snack or a meal -- she’s a professional chef who graduated from the Baltimore International Culinary College.


Adrianne (Assistant Manager) Originally from Louisiana, Adrianne is an actor, writer, and comedian with an extensive background in canine retail and grooming salon management. She loves dogs more than anything! She is the proud owner of Buddy The One Eyed Wonder Dog @buddy_one_eye and is thrilled to be part of the Downtown Doghouse family.